Assistive Devices Program (ADP)
Funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities and to provide access to personalized assistive devices appropriate for the individuals basic needs.

Special Services at Home
Helps families who are caring for a child with developmental or physical disability.  Funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, this program helps families pay for special services in or outside the family home.

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities
Helps parents with some of the extra costs of caring for a child who has a severe disability.

Disability Tax Credit T2201
Tax credits and deductions are available for persons with disabilities, their supporting family members and their caregivers.  People who are eligible for the disability tax credit can claim it on their income tax and benefit return.

Home Renovations (RRAP-D)
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers financial assistance to low-income homeowners for mandatory home repairs.

Grants for Students with Permanent Disabilities
The Federal Government has set up grants for students with disabilities.

Incontinence Supplies Grant Program
Administered by Easter Seals Ontario, the program provides grants contributing to the cost of incontinence supplies for children and youth between the ages of 3 to 18 with chronic disabilities (Physical of Developmental) lasting longer than six months and requiring the use of such supplies.

Federal Excise Gasoline Tax Refund Program
This program allows you to claim part of the excise tax on gasoline you use to drive your disabled child to appointments.

Northern Health Travel Grants
Grants help pay some of the travel related costs for Northern Ontario residents who must travel at least 100 kilometers one-way for medical specialists of designated health care facility services that are not locally available.

Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB)
For those who qualify, ODB programs will pay the majority of your prescription drug costs.

Registered Disability Savings Plan
​The Federal Government will match funds invested up to a certain dollar amount. Depending on your income they will also put money into your RDSP whether you deposit into in or not.  The RDSP can be used by your disabled child once they are an adult and you are no longer able to support them.