Camp Banting
Location:  Maberly, ON
Ages:  The Overnight Camp is for children and youth aged 7-15
Price: We have implemented a voluntary three-tiered pricing program that allows you to select the fee that is appropriate for your family. This is strictly an honour system; your selection will not influence your child’s experience at camp.
Tier 1: Lightly Subsidized – $2050
Tier 2: Partially Subsidized – $1775
Tier 3: Heavily Subsidized – $1450
If the Tier 3 fee remains a challenge, we also offer a limited number of fee subsidies, called Camperships. If you require a Campership, please indicate your request on the application form. For any questions, please contact the Camp Registrar.
Info: Founded in 1953, Camp Banting was the first summer camp in Canada for children living with type 1 diabetes and as such is the oldest running camp of the Canadian Diabetes Association.
Camp Banting’s Overnight Camp can accommodate 66 campers while the Leadership Development Program accepts 12 participants for LDP1 and 10 participants for LDP2.
Campers participate in activities that inspire personal growth, encourage team-building and foster an appreciation of the outdoors such as: swimming, hiking, canoeing, ropes course challenges, arts and crafts, and sports.
Campers sleep in their cabin groups and are supervised by two counsellors.  These cabins are located near each other which helps to foster the sense of community while at camp.
Parents are responsible for transportation to and from camp.

ABA Academy

1:1 Home services home-based, community-based and centre-based settings, group programs (such as Social Skills, School-Readiness, Camp) and parent training. Additionally we are in the process of licensing as a Private School.
(647) 295-1838

Autism Ontario - Niagra Region
Ages: 5-21 years old diagnosed with Classic Autism, or 5-12 years old diagnosed with High Functioning Autism
Price:  Please contact them directly.
Info:  Campers range from ages 5-21 years old diagnosed with Classic Autism, or 5-12 years old diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. The groups are kept separate for the majority of the day, coming together for daily swimming excursions as well as weekly outings (i.e. parks, zoos, etc.). Each parent is able to register their child for up to two weeks of camp, with more weeks available depending upon registration numbers. 
Each camper diagnosed with Classic Autism is assigned a 1:1 Camp Staff. Throughout the camp day, the staff are encouraging their assigned camper to socialize with other Classic Autism campers where possible. Group games, crafts, playing catch, are all examples where the campers will work with one another to build upon their social skills. 

Belwood Lodge and Camp
Location:  Belwood, Ontario
(519) 843-1211
Info: Belwood Lodge and Camp is a residential summer camp dedicated to meeting the summer recreational needs of children, youth and adults who are mentally challenged. Our programs are designed to provide exceptional experiences while ensuring safety and a positive holiday experience.

Camp Aim
Location: Toronto, Ontario
(647) 965-1246
Ages: 18 months – 13 Years Old
Info:  Our experienced staff is trained to ensure that every camper is stimulated to continuously explore new activities while maintaining therapeutic goals in a safe environment.  Our one- to-one ratio of staff to camper ensures an ongoing goal oriented program and that campers are nurtured, supported and encouraged throughout their day.
Each camper is assigned a specific counselor who is responsible for safety, therapy follow-up and personalized medical requirements. Your child’s one to one counselor will contact you to introduce herself in June. A pre-camp meet is encouraged to ensure the comfort level of the parents, the child and the counselor.
At Camp AIM, our goal is to provide your child with an exceptional camping experience. We look forward to each and every camper reaching new milestones; and even more importantly to the sounds of joy and laughter from all of our children.

Camp Awakening
Location: 150 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON
(416) 487-8400
Ages:  9-24
Info: Camp Awakening is a registered charity providing integrated summer camp; leadership & outdoor recreation programs for youth with physical disabilities.  
We serve children and youth between 9-24 years of age.
Camp Awakening is not a place, but a variety of programs integrated with mainstream camps across the province of Ontario.
Our campers & program participants have a wide range of disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, juvenile arthritis, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, vision loss and amputation.

Camp Awakening offers Summer camp programs that give youth with physical disabilities the opportunity to gain independence, make lasting friendships, develop confidence and accomplish things that they never thought possible.

Camp Awakening partners with established summer camps offering a wide range of activities and a dedicated accessible cabin.  Our summer camp and leadership programs create opportunities for youth with physical disabilities to make friends with other campers just like them and accomplish things that they never thought they could do. Building on over 30 years of experience, Camp Awakening counsellors are great role models and mentors who are skilled at adapting activities to meet each campers’ desire for adventure.

Camp Couchiching
Location: Longford Mills, Ontario
(705) 325-3428
Ages: 6-16 years old
Name of Camp: Pathways Program
Info: The Camp Couchiching Pathways Program is devoted to helping those campers who need some extra support during their time at camp.  Whether these campers require their own personal support worker or just some help in the cabin, children in this program can experience camp in a fully inclusive environment.  Equipped with an all-terrain wheelchair and additional medical staff, we are confident we can meet the needs of any child.  For more information about the Pathways Program, Please call our office.

Camp Discovery
Location: London, Ontario
Ages: 8-16 years; diabetes
Price: $625-$1050
Info: Camp Discovery is for children and youth between the ages of 7 and 16. To complement its Overnight Camp, Camp Discovery also offers a Leadership Development Program. Camp Discovery is held at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden in London, Ontario and overlooks the Thames River.

Camp Kaleidoscope
Location:  Ottawa, Ontario
Fees: With the high level of supervision and experienced staff, Camp Kaleidoscope’s parental contribution per 5-day week would have been $500. However, due to the generous funding of our donors – who, along with Children at Risk, wish to assist the Autism Community families with camp opportunities that are affordable and accessible, we are able to offer the following rates: $375 for Full Week, $300 for 4-day week.
*NEW* – Due to High Demand & Limited Funding, Only 2 weeks can be offered at above super-subsidized price – additional weeks may be offered (contingent upon camper’s needs, staff availability & funding) at $500/week ($400 for week #4)
Info: Individuals with any level of Autism have difficulty with Summer Camps due to their social and communication deficits as well as their unique behavioural challenges. Add in “Severe” Autism and “High Needs” and the situation is immeasurable in complexity. To adequately service the target clientele the camp needs to be a “specialized camp”.
We would also like to note here that we differentiate between level of functionality and need, as we had many Campers last year who had diagnosis of high-functioning Autism and/or Asperger Syndrome – but also were high-needs due to behavioural challenges, often making it difficult for them to participate in a camp for typically-developing children.
Our Camp employs qualified, experienced staff and offers a 1:1 and 2:1 supervision ratio. Ages 4-20+.

Camp Marydale
Location: Mount Hope, Ontario
Register Here:
Info: Since 1963, Camp Marydale offers boys and girls a fun-filled summer experience. Each camper will learn new skills, make new friends and develop an appreciation of nature as a creation of God. Our goal is to provide our campers with pleasant summer activities and a lasting adventures in Christian living. 

Camp Misquah
Location: Camp Misquah operates on Lac Bitobi near Gracefield, Québec.
Ages: people with developmental disabilities of all ages
Info: The spectacular setting of Camp Misquah provides a natural location for a wide range of fun and stimulating activities. These are designed to develop the camper’s recreation and living skills. Large grassy fields are available for sports of all kinds. The sand bottom lake and large beach allow for great swimming (with lesson), fishing, canoeing and pedal boating. Nearby forests and hills are perfect for nature hikes. Other activities include music, dances, crafts and movie and talent nights.
The best way to meet our guest’s special needs is to provide professional, caring staff members. For that reason, the camper-counselor ratio is kept at 2:1. Staff are chosen for their experience, skills, and maturity. Many staff members are bilingual and in addition are instructed in basic sign language, first aid, behaviour management as well as search and rescue. The waterfront staff are NLS certified.

Camp Robinhood and Robinhood Sports Academy

Ages – 3-12 –
Location:  Markham, Ontario
(416) 736 – 4443
Info:  Camp Robin Hood is the oldest private day camp in Canada and also the first camp in the country to provide fully integrated grouping and a fully integrated camp environment. Currently approximately 10% of our campers and 10% of our staff have identified special needs. We accommodate many different needs including cognitive, behavioral, developmental and physical (our facilities are 100% wheelchair accessible).
Surrounded by farmland, this Day Camp has the look and feel of an overnight camp! Activities include crafts, sports, dance, canoeing, and swimming instruction. Canada’s oldest and largest private Day Camp features enthusiastic, well-trained staff that focuses on educating children while developing life-skills. At Robin Hood Sports Academy, children develop sports skills in an inclusive All-Sport program while being cared for by a hands-on coaching staff. All food is Kosher/nut-free.

Camp Thrive
Location:  105261 Southgate Rd. Conn R3, Ont  N0G 1N0
Info:  Camp Thrive is a year round respite centre and summer camp affiliated with ISAND ( that is situated on roughly 100 acres of land approximately 1 hour north of Toronto.

Our 2015 summer and respite programs are:
iCan Communicate 2 (summer program) –  Sunday, June 28th – Saturday, July 18th (3 weeks)
The augmentative communication program iCan Communicate 2 will have an emphasis on utilizing different communicative apps to teach language expression and development through an assistive device. The major goal of this is to teach each individual skills and methods that allow them to better express their emotions, their opinions and things they see and want that may be causing anxiety or OCD. This provides each attendee an outlet to express what may be aggravating, intriguing and/or worrying them. This program will also provide iPad apps that structure both micro and macro schedules. This will lay a foundation to enhance the independence of each attendee while also alleviating anxiety and OCD by showing in detail what is to come and expected in each attendee’s day and week. This combination will provide each person with an intensive multi-week experience where much of the communication by both staff and clients will be required to be done through the app program.
Skills at Work (summer program) –
The Skills at Work session will focus on job training in skilled positions (carpentry, agriculture, culinary arts & applied arts ) and the teaching of different life skills that will lay a foundation for them to be transferred to a paid workplace position. Each client will spend their days rotating in different workplace stations that focus on agriculture, woodworking projects, varying property maintenance, animal farming and cooking. Staff will teach an array of different skills through this method and will be able to test and push the range of each client to see what they enjoy most and areas they excel in. In between work programs, there will be activities in place to promote inclusion and teamwork. This part will emphasize on the importance of maintaining good relationships with the people you work with and building friendships with your co-workers.
During the 1st week; campers will have a chance to get to know each camp specialization and decide which one that they like the most!

Camp Winston
Location: Sparrow Lake in the Muskoka region of Ontario
(416) 487-6629
Info:  Camp Winston provides inspiring recreational opportunities for kids with complex neurological disorders who need highly specialized support. Located on beautiful Sparrow Lake in the Muskoka region of Ontario, we operate a summer camp, weekend retreats and week-long retreats throughout the year. Camp Winston’s primary focus is to set our children up for success. We operate four, two-week summer sessions attended by about 145 campers aged 7 – 13 years from across Canada.  Campers may then continue in the Camp Winston community in our Teen Program for ages 14 – 17. In most cases, this is the first time in their lives they feel welcome and secure enough to participate without being rejected or alienated by their peers.
Campers have a complex combination of neurological disorders which include:
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Tourette’s Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Campers are encouraged and supported as they participate; often for the first time – in various recreational activities including various sports, swimming, tubing, kayak and canoeing, crafts, theatre, ropes courses, nature studies and canoe trips. While having fun, they learn vital social and gross motor skills specific to their needs.
Our Camp offers a unique opportunity for these children to participate in specialized programs with mature, professional, well trained staff. Our counsellors and activity instructors are older and more experienced, and we have a high ratio of counsellors to campers which allow on-to-one support.

Easter Seals

Camp Merrywood / Camp Woodeden –
​Location: Merrywood Camp (Perth, ON), Woodeden Camp (London, ON)
(416) 421-8377 ext 325
Ages: 6-26 (Individual camp), 1-18 (Family camp)
Price: $600-$2000 – with funding available to those registered with Easter Seals Ontario. (note: the Incontinence Supplies Grant Program is a separate registry) who are 18 and under as of July 1st, who are not a crown ward.  Campers who will be 19+ as of July 1st are required to pay full fees.
Info:Easter Seals Ontario owns and operates two fully accessible summer camps for children and youth with physical disabilities – Merrywood Camp (Perth, ON) and Woodeden (London, ON).  In order to qualify to register, campers must first be registered with Easter Seals Ontario and have a physical disability requiring the use of a long term primary mobility device (wheelchair, walker, braces, AFO’s etc.)  For individual camp sessions campers must be able to communicate a consistent yes/no – this can be verbal or non-verbal as long as it is consistent. Individual camp sessions are available to campers ages 6-26, Family camp is available to campers who are too young, too medically fragile or who do not meet the minimum criteria for individual camp. Please note, all camp sessions are overnight.

Green Acres Camp
Location: Markham, Ontario
(905) 887-1400
Price: Click Here
Info: Green Acres welcomes children with special needs. Our integrated program allows campers with special needs to become part of a cabin group with the help of their leisure buddy (personal counselor). The camper follows the cabin schedule to the best of their abilities. Where changes need to be made to make their experience more successful, the special needs program co-ordinator will work with the child and their leisure buddy to devise a tailored schedule.
A leisure buddy (personal counselor) can be provided by the camp or can be hired independently by the parent. If a leisure buddy is hired by the camp, there is an additional charge of $200.00/week. The camp hires a leisure buddy based on their experience, dedication to children with special needs and camp spirit. Our leisure buddies range in age from approximately 18 to 25 years of age.
We aim to provide a place for children with special needs to thrive and build on their social skills as well as their physical skills.
If you have specific questions about our program or would like to talk about the suitability of our program for your child, please call the camp office at (905) 887-1400.

Heart Fit Respite
Location: Northumberland Hills in Southern Ontario
Ages: Adults 18+ with developmental differences
Price: Click here
Info:  Nestled on 80 acres in the Northumberland Hills in southern Ontario, we are a working farm
This historic farm was deeded to Empire Loyalists in 1802 and was owned and worked by one family running a large apiary producing honey from 1842 to 1987.
We now produce goat meat, pork, meat chickens and eggs. Our livestock is raised traditionally on non medicated feed and we maintain a high standard of hygiene and health.  We also produce organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit.
Full programming  for 8 guests at a time means flexible activities and participation choices. Experienced professional teachers and developmental service workers lead the guests into new learning and reinforce daily living skills.
Activities, &  scheduling are determined by weather, interests and the needs of our guests.

Kinark Outdoor Centre
Location: Minden, Ontario
(705) 286-3555
Age: 9-20; autism
Info: This is a 5-day residential summer camp experience for children and youth 9-20 years old with Autism. The focus of the week is on social and therapeutic recreation supported by a high ratio of staff to campers. Groups of five campers experience the social skills inherent in a camp setting with four staff to support individual needs. After registration a intensive assessment will help in placing your child in the best group and with the best possible supports for a successful time away and camp experience.

Lighthouse Landing Camp

Location:  Burk’s Falls, Ontario
Info:  “Lighthouse Landing is a not-for-profit (# 814052668) summer camp that welcomes families with children of all abilities. We have remained a family run camp since 1963 because of a strong commitment to WHY we believe in summer camp for families. First, in our fast paced world, we need, more than ever, sites for meaningful family interaction. Second, we strongly believe in the power natural environments have to educate children intellectually, socially, spiritually and physically.
So it is our mission to provide a safe, natural environment for self-discovery, interaction with others, and reconnection with nature. Our volunteer senior staff have worked in the area of special needs support as Educational Assistants, Certified Teachers, Autism Therapists and/or Respite/Support Workers. Our program includes family activities as well as daily interactive respite for parents. Campers benefit through social interaction, community building, improved self-efficacy, confidence, age-appropriate independence, full immersion in nature and physical

Magnificent Minds!summercamp/czn6
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Ages: 3-12 years
Info: Come play in the water, explore our specialty activities, and develop lasting friendships!  Cornerstones of our Magnificent Minds program will remain, such as individualized care, low-ratio-groups, hands-on activities and highly qualified teaching professionals and therapists who understand how to make the most of each day as we get active, get creative and most importantly–get outside!
In what we call “cabin groups” (divided by age), campers experience an authentic day camp experience, in the heart of the city. With a 1:4 camp to teacher ratio, there are always enough helping hands to ensure camper success.
You will love our teachers/therapists, who quickly create a sense of community that you won’t soon forget.

March of Dimes

Orillia, ON
​1-800-263-3463 ext. 7213
Location: Camp Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario
Ages: Adults (18 yrs+) living with a disability
Price: $2,750 / person (Subsidies available based on eligibility criteria – please inquire for more details.)
Info: Join us for one of our six-day recreation programs at Geneva Park in Orillia, Ontario. Six-day programs run between June and August 2015.
Program Includes: Meals and accommodation for six days and five nights.
Daily activities including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and lots more.

Conductive Education Camp – Toronto – Ages 1-10 –

Spectrum Insights
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Ages: 12-18
Price: $250/week if you book 2 or more weeks. Single Weeks $300
Info: Weekly Outings for teens 12-18 with a focus on developing independent living skills, social skills and making friends!  Small groups of 5 students – Tailored to individual needs – Each week we focus on:
Taking the bus – learn bus schedules, use the OC Transpo Website
Time Management – Planning our day trips, telling time, wearing a watch
How to use Money – where to keep your wallet, how to talk to a cashier, counting change, social skills in a lie
Social Etiquette – on the bus, in theaters, shopping, etc.
How to shop for yourself – Buying your own groceries, buying personal effects like deodorant, toothbrushes, etc.
Social Planning – Planning parties, events, group activities, calling friends, emailing

Teach to Learn
Location: Brampton, Ontario
Ages: 5-16 years
Info:  Teach To Learn Inc. is pleased to offer 9-weeks of Social Skills Summer Day Camp for children with ASD and other exceptionalities between the ages 5 to 16. Groups will be divided according to age and skill sets. This program will provide students with an opportunity to make new friends, learn and practice social skills and life skills in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment, and an opportunity to experience different activities and environments. Students will be encouraged to interact and learn through video and peer modeling, drama and role-playing using social scripts, participate in organized games and daily outdoor activities. Students will also have the opportunity to meet special guests and attend weekly field trips.Typical students will also be part of the groups to allow for peer modeling and engagement.
Contact: (905)330-7548

Zachary's Camp Teamworks Dufferin
Location: Orangeville, Ontario
Ages: Specializes in Autism
Price: $385-$450
Info: Teamworks Dufferin Camp is operated by a parent driven organization and is in its twelfth year of operation. The camp is run with a fee for service funding format and through the fund-raising efforts of facilitators and parents. Although camp is integrated into the community through our many outings, we also provide an environment where our children can be themselves without being judged. Our camp is tailored to accommodate the individual needs of our campers while promoting independence and fun.
Together, staff and volunteers will provide a safe, exciting and active summer program as well as a great place to meet new friends in the presence of positive role models. The camp maintains a staff to camper ratio of 3:1. If a camper needs a 1:1 coverage, there may be an additional fee required.
Unfortunately, our bus is not wheelchair accessible.

Camp Nokomis – Fergus, ON –

Camp Smile – Rochester, NY –  Children with Down Syndrome –

Camp Winston – Kilworthy, ON –

Centre Camp – Vaughan, ON – – (416) 636-2267

Camp Kawartha – Peterborough – (705) 652-3860

Community Living York South – Vaughan/ Richmond Hill/ Whitechurch-stouville/ Markham-

ECO Camp at Chimo – Markham – City of Markham –

Hidden Bay Leadership Camp – Parry Sound – (705) 342-7345 – Reach for the Rainbow

Jericho Youth Services Camp – Sutton/ Keswick – (905) 722-5540 –

Kerry’s Place Autism Services – Aurora – (905) 713-6808 –

Seneca-King Day Camp – King – (416) 491-5050 ext. 55042 –

Autism Ontario York Region

(905) 780-9587
Location: York, Ontario
Info: Autism Ontario Kids ‘AOK’ Cam– ages 4 – 17 years
This program provides each participant with their own counsellor to ensure safety and support throughout their week in our program. Each day a new adventure awaits
whether it is fun activities at our camp location or travelling to a big destination like the Toronto Zoo or a water park. Our campers enjoy all aspects of camp programming including lots of active pursuits. Being out in the community is a big part of our program plus providing unique sensory and developmental experiences complete a great camp programming day.
Autism Ontario Adults ‘AOA’ Summer Program– ages 18+
All participants are supported by their own counsellor who facilitates some great social and recreational experiences that are age appropriate. Attending water parks and rock climbing gyms, swimming and going bowling, these are just some activities that our participants get to enjoy plus making friends and enjoying lots of social time. Each counsellor is specially trained and highly capable and look forward to spending the summer with your young adult.
Summer Youth Program– ages 14 – 17 years
Focused on volunteer experiences, transit training and social and life skill building, this program is geared to those youth who can function with a 1:2 Mentor to participant ratio. All of our participants experience some hands-on volunteer work at local businesses to help them practice and prepare for an employment opportunity on their own. Coupled with some great social and life skill activities like budgeting, cooking classes and sharing with their peers, this program helps to develop independence and professionalism for our participants.
Social Skills Summer Institute– ages 18+ 
Building on the learning that has happened through the Summer Youth Program, we can continue the volunteer experiences, resume building and interviewing skills that this population needs assistance with. Fun is also achieved through outings to restaurants, movies and GTA based attractions, while working on our social and life skills. Great relationships are formed with the mentors and fellow participants which continue throughout the year at monthly “hang-outs”

Alpha Camp and Retreat
Location:  Springwater, Ontario
(705) 792-4133
Price: $745/1 week Overnight, $1595/2 Weeks Overnight Check info
Info: A Helping Hand Always Inc. started in 2007 with a dream. The dream is about honest dedicated workers providing the support needed for children and adults with Special Needs to find a place in their community where they can relax, unwind, be themselves while enjoying the beauty of living. Many families gave us the opportunity to serve their love ones and we will be forever grateful to them for believing that together we could make a difference. We were always ready to offer support in the schools, day cares, hospitals and community events until we were asked to provide respite care. After a number of requests, we started operating 2 respite beds from our home. While horseback riding one day, we spotted a property surrounded by lots of open land and beautiful landscapes and we knew this would some day house the next phase of A Helping Hand​

Bayview Glen Day Camp - Toronto
​Location: 275 Duncan Mill Road Toronto
(416) 499-7746
Ages: 2-14 
Info:  Bayview Glen Day Camp is always the right choice, whether your child enjoys the arts, sports, or a variety of enriched activities. Age-specific units range from a balanced program for little ones (2 years old) to activity electives as they grow (up to 15 years of age). Daily Life Savings Society swimming program, plus options from overnight adventures to outdoor trips. In the heart of the city, Bayview Glen Day Camp utilizes the Bayview Glen School, surrounded by 40 acres of conservation parkland. Our high staff-to-child ratio of experienced counsellors excel at creating happy campers.

Camp Arowhan
​Location: Algonquin Park, Ontario
Info: We welcome four campers with special needs each session. or these children, camp is fun, growthful and safe, a place where they are fully included in the community and celebrated for who they are. For other campers, these children bring special gifts: By their presence they teach and remind us to respect every human and to know and cherish people who are different from ourselves. We have been welcoming our special campers for 20 years; they are important to us. Our campers with special needs live in fully integrated regular camper cabins, with an extra counsellor in the cabin to ensure that their particular needs are met. – See more at:
We are able to accommodate campers with autism, developmental delays and Down’s Syndrome. Because of the rough terrain of our site, we cannot accommodate children with significant mobility limitations, and because camp requires group living, we also cannot accommodate children with behavioural issues.

Camp Concord
​​Location: R.R. #1, McArthur’s Mills, ON
(416) 602-1292
Ages: 7 and up
Info: Concord is looking for campers with intellectual, behavioural, and communication disabilities aged 7 and up.
Concord is looking for campers that are excited about making and keeping friends, who want to build their social skills, gain confidence and have a summer of laughs and fond memories.  Camp Concord works hand in hand with Cedar Ridge Camp, sharing the grounds near Beautiful Bancroft Ontario.  Concord’s cabins and activities are independently run, with the opportunity to join the Cedar Ridge for non-competitive activity based events. 
Concord provides a safe environment for campers to learn, grow and have fun. We pride ourselves in meeting every new camper and family before coming to camp to ensure proper placement in cabins and activities. We will design your camper’s individualized program around their interests. It’s also great to make a connection and to see a familiar face on the first day of camp. We’ll be there to lend an ear or give a high five!

Camp Dawn
Location: Rainbow Lake, in Waterford, Ontario, southwest of Brantford
Ages: 18 years and older
Price: Click Here
Info: Camp Dawn is a camping experience for adult survivors of acquired brain injury living in South western Ontario.  The purpose of the camp is to provide survivors with an opportunity to develop independence and social skills in an outdoor, recreational environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle. For an individual living with the effects of a brain injury, life can present new and difficult daily challenges. Such challenges may affect everything from performing simple daily tasks, to forming and maintaining social relationships, to pursuing recreational opportunities. While every day may present challenges,Camp Dawn is offered to provide the opportunity for new adventures and new ways of doing things.  It was with this thought that the slogan “With every dawn a new path is found” was adopted.

Camp Huronda
Location: Huntsville, Ontario
Ages: 7-16 years; diabetes
Price: $835-$2720
Info:  For children and youth between the ages of 7 to 16. To complement its Overnight Camp, Camp Huronda also offers a Leadership Development Program.  Owned and operated by the Canadian Diabetes Association, Camp Huronda is located on a beautifully wooded 110-acre peninsula on Lake Waseosa in Huntsville, Ontario.

Camp Kirk
Location: Kirkfield, Ontario
(416) 782-3310
Ages: 6-14
Info: Camp Kirk’s Mandate
To serve children who have learning disabilities.
To provide a safe physical, social and emotional recreational environment adhering to high standards of general camping practices.
To design and provide a camp programme that will allow children to increase their understanding of themselves and of their learning disabilities.
To design and provide a camp programme that will teach them the social and physical skills that will encourage them to take the risks necessary to increase their opportunities for success.
To provide staff training that will increase understanding of the children who have learning disabilities, demonstrate how best to work with these children and encourage and foster personal and professional development.
To work cooperatively with the families of campers and other professionals who may be involved.
To be an advocate for people with learning disabilities.

Camp Kodiak
Location: McKellar, Ontario
(905) 569-7595
Ages: 6-18
Info: Camp Kodiak is a unique, integrated, non-competitive progrm for children and teens with and without ADHD, LD, NLD and High-Functioning Asperger Syndrome.
All camp activities are planned with a view to teaching skills, building confidence and improving self-esteem.  We achieve this by carefully structuring all of our activities to ensure success.  Teaching is done by6 skilled instructors who break tasks down into manageable chunks and present them in a logical sequence.

Camp Prospect
Location: Utopia, Ontario
Info: Camp Prospect runs three camps every year for children and adults with special needs. We run a one week camp session over the Winter and March Breaks and a 5-6 week summer camp each summer. Each camp week is open to campers of all ages with varying special needs. Campers are split up internally into groups best suited to their support needs, age group and are placed with peers who will enjoy the same types of activities.
Camp Prospect was established in 1998 at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre. The program originally ran as a 4 week summer camp for children and adults with special needs.
After the first summer, there was a recognized need for more programs throughout the year. Christmas and March Break programs were added, as well as occasional weekends. Camp Prospect then expanded and opened its first year round program. This was the Cottage Program, which was a year round respite home, situated on the Mansfield property.
The summer of 2010 Camp Prospect moved to a new property in Utopia, Ontario and has been running camp programs from that location ever since.

Camp Walden

Palmer Rapids (Near Bancroft)
Overnight Camp

Camp Smitty
Location: Eganville, On
Info:  Camp Smitty, proudly operated by the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, offers a beautiful lakefront setting, fantastic staff team, and dynamic programs for campers 8-16 yrs old.
Since 1924, the camp has built a reputation as a highly respected program; something we’re very proud of … we’ve provided exceptional camp experiences for hundreds of young people each summer.
Capturing the essence of a great camp on a website is tough … Hopefully this one offers a few hints into what makes Camp Smitty such a special place in the hearts of so many people.
Our staff team always sets up apart … a really impressive group of dedicated people who genuinely care. They create a safe and fun environment offering parents peace of mind, and allowing kids to have the time of their life.
Camp Smitty is often described as “genuine, responsible, trustworthy…” (parents talking); while campers tend to use “fun, cool, awesome…” this great feeback continues to inspire us!

Camp Towhee
Location: Haliburton, Ontario
Ages: 10-18 years
Info: Camp Towhee is a residential therapeutic program for children and youth with learning disabilities and related psychosocial difficulties, located in Haliburton, Ontario.
Camp Towhee is a special needs camp with a very high staff to camper ratio and programming that addresses the unique needs of campers with learning disabilities and related mental health problems. Assessments and discussions with parents and prospective campers occur until the end of January 2015 about whether the camp program is suitable for a particular girl or boy. By early February decisions are made for most campers about offering them a space at camp.
Placements in the July sessions or August session are based on the camper’s age, maturity, and fit with an appropriate cabin group. We also do our best to accommodate families’ requests for a particular session if a cabin can be found in that session that meets their son or daughter’s needs. The first 2 week session in July is for campers age 10 – 13; the second session is for campers aged 10 to 18 and the August session campers are aged 13 – 18. Final decisions about which session a camper will attend will be made in early February.

Camp Wetra
Location: Essex, Ontario
Price: $325
Info: Our camps are devoted to assisting children to care for, and ride horses in a safe, fun and interactive environment. This is a great opportunity, to learn to feed, ride, and care for a horse in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment​

Location: Muskoka, Ontario
(705) 375-2630
Ages: Various
Info: Lake Joe offers life-changing experiences for children, youth, families and adults who are blind or partially sighted in an inclusive outdoor environment. Guests will be thrilled with their experiences and will leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Come and enjoy activities you love, or try something new. Some of the activities Lake Joe has to offer include: Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Pontoon boat cruises, Waterskiing, Tubing, Paddle boats, Fishing, Basketball, Bocce, Campfires and barbecues, Picnic tables, Horseshoes and shuffleboard, 1 km nature trail
The activities at Lake Joe are flexible enough to accommodate different needs and interests of campers of all ages. The combination of supportive staff, inclusive activities and barrier free buildings at Lake Joe make this facility unique in Canada.

Dance Ability
We are offering week-long day camps at two locations, Mississauga and Milton.  We are also offering once a week evening classes at four locations, Mississauga, Milton, Alliston, and Toronto.  See this link for dates and locations:
Our summer camp information is as follows (each week long camp is $250 +HST, or $282.50):
“Set The Stage” – (Pre-school and School Age): This camp is dedicated to pre-school and school age children preparing for school in the fall. Children will have opportunities to develop both Fine & Gross Motor Skills through the use of dance and the Handwriting Without Tears Program.  Occupational Therapists will provide direct support to enhance your child’s pre-printing and/or printing abilities. A great way to practice school skills over the summer in a fun and motivating environment!
Camp #1: July 27th-31st 9:00-11:00 AM @ June Lawrence School of Dance in Mississauga
Camp #2: August 24th-28th 9:00-11:00 AM @ Dance Elite in Milton
“Dancing Through Life” – (Teen-Young Adult):  This camp is dedicated to teens and young adults who love to move and are looking to develop life skills in meal planning and preparation, relationship-building, healthy living, and self-confidence through the shared experience of dance. Dancers will create and organize a showcase including their own choreography to perform at the end of the week.
Camp #1: July 27th-31st 12:00-4:00 PM @ June Lawrence School of Dance in Mississauga
Camp #2: August 24th-28th 12:00-4:00 PM @ Dance Elite in Milton

Grandview Kids
Ages: 4-19 years old
Price: $175-$195/wk
Location: Oshawa, Ontario
Info:  Grandview Children’s Centre is a fully accredited Children’s Treatment Centre.  Grandview provides a range of specialized paediatric habilitation and rehabilitation services and supports for childn and youth living in Durham Region who have special needs.
Campers thrive in a 3:1 camp: Counsellor ratio. Camp staff includes nursing students who provide personal care support which includes assistance with: toileting, feeding and g-tube feeds.  Camps are held at Grandview’s Oshawa site for children ages 4-7 yrs.  Older campers enjoy camp in community recreation centres.
All Camps provide a safe and stimulating environment for campers to have fun and while participating in a broad range of activities that includes: cooperative games, music, swimming, sports, interactive play and opportunities for creative expression.  Activities support the camp goals of the development of recreation participation skills including peer interaction, play skills, turn taking, group participation and recreation activity skills.
Parents receive a written report that outlines their child’s progress during camp with recommendations for future participation in recreation activities.

Handi Camp
Location:  Hamilton, Ontario
Price: The camp fee for an overnight camp of 4 days/4 nights is $575 (tax included)
Info:  Handi*Camp, hosted by Mill Stream Bible Retreat Centre, will conduct an overnight camp program from July 28 – August 1, 2015 for children/teenagers who have primarily a physical disability, ages 9-13 and 14-19 working at approximate age and academic levels.
Handi*Camp, is a ministry of BCM  International (Canada) Inc. a Bible-based, non-denominational charitable organization.  Handi*Camp is dedicated to building up Christian character through spiritual, emotional and physical experiences in a safe and an accessible camp environment.

Kettleby Valley Camp
​Location: Kettleby, Ontario
Info: Kettleby Valley offers an integrated day camp program for children with special needs. These Campers benefit from having a One to One Counsellor. Our program is available for children on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, A.D.D, A.D.H.D. and other special needs. We offer the added assistance and support of having the full attention of a counsellor while enjoying the same traditional activities normally offered at camp.
Everyone has unique triggers and our counsellors are there to help their campers work through these triggers in a positive way. Although there are considerations made regarding each individual camper, our expectations of our One to One campers are the same as any other child at Kettleby Valley. We believe that holding campers with exceptionalities to the same standard is critical for them to learn how to cope with situations that they face in everyday life.
Space for in our integrated program is very limited, so please contact the camp for availability prior to registering. An additional fee of $50 per week above the regular day camp fee applies. A meeting at the camp with our One to One Director prior to the summer is mandatory for campers and families who are new to our camp and it is strongly recommended for returning campers and families.

Laura Hunters STEPS Programs
Location: Stouffville, Ontario
(416) 771-2217
Camps: SummerSkills Day Camp 2014 (
A summer day camp program for children and youth of all abilities ages 3 years into adulthood
The program provides opportunities for:
Skill Development and Independence
At SummerSkills our goal is to provide an environment in which our campers can develop self-confidence and independence, feel good about their abilities and achievements – and have fun!
To accomplish this we incorporate skill development and learning opportunities into every activity.
GiddyUp Camp (
An integrated summer camp for children and youth ages 5 and up to ride and learn about horses.
At Giddyup camp equine education is about more than simply getting on your horse. Throughout the week campers participate in many activities to teach them about horse behavior and psychology. They take on the role of friend and leader to their horse as they learn to demonstrate empathy and respect, communicate through body language, make decisions and become more confident.
Campers also take  responsibility for all aspects of horse care. This  includes grooming, saddling, feeding, bathing, and barn chores. They learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of running a working farm. Each age group is responsible for working together to complete specific daily chores.
Of course there is still time to ride twice a day! 
Our older and more independent campers participate in our equine leadership program, ‘Think Like a horse”. They are then encouraged to take on leadership tasks with the horses and the younger, less independent campers.

Nova's Ark
Location: Brooklin, Ontario
Info: Nova’s Ark runs Summer Camps during July and August.  The Camps offer opportunities for individuals with special needs to join our trained and confident youth leaders to explore the many interesting therapy animals and participate in indoor and outdoor activities . 
The focus continues to be on social and communication skills through exploration and sensory stimulation.  Individuals will be encouraged to participate, with their Circle of Friends, in a number of  structured interactive activities which are modified to meet the needs of each participant.

Pioneer Camp
​​Location: Port Sydney, Ontario
Ages: 5-19
Info:  At Ontario Pioneer Camp, we believe that all people are uniquely and wonderfully made in God’s image. Our award winning Inclusion Program was birthed out of our desire over 35 years ago to offer a fun, safe, and transformational camp experience to all young people.
There are two leaders in a chalet with 3-4 ‘typically developing’ campers and one camper with an exceptionality. Both chalet leaders are equipped to meet the needs of the camper, modifying programming according to the campers’ physical, intellectual, social or behavioural needs and integrating them into the chalet. Campers with exceptionalities have 1:1 support throughout the day. This can be adjusted according to the camper’s independence and ability.
Each camper is valued as an important part of the camp community, so we tailor the camping experience to fit the needs of each child. For instance, a child with autism having sensory issues might need to be introduced into the noisy dining hall by incremental steps. Our staff find ways to make the camping experience positive and inclusive for everyone.

Variety Village
Location: Scarborough, Ontario
Ages: Check the program
Price: Check the program
Info: For over 65 years our goal has been to improve the quality of life of all people, regardless of their abilities. By offering specialized programs and services, we create a level playing field without barriers, intimidation or other obstacles.

Location: Stouffville, Ontario
(905) 640-2127
Ages: 3 1/2 – 13
Info: Willowgrove Day Camp has a long and rich history of providing a quality camp experience for campers with special needs between the ages of 3 1/2 and 13.
Campers with special needs are integrated into regular peer camper groups to participate in the entire camp day to the extent possible. An inclusion counsellor is assigned to work one to one with the special needs camper.
Special Needs fee: (in addition to regular camp fees)is $125/week.
To request a tour or learn more about our Special Needs program, please contact our office to speak directly to Miriam Reesor, our Camp Director.

TCTLC: The Childrens Treatment and Learning Centre

28 Church Street South, Richmond Hill –  (905) 237-7300
March Break and Summer Camp Program. indoor and Outdoor programs with total care for parents that want a safe, clean and private school camp experience.  Campers receive unparalleled adult supervision and care and every child is included in all structured activities led by Ontario Certified Teachers.

Campers enjoy meals indoors in our heritage school house with air conditioning and have access to clean facilities.  Our parents want a camp experience but also want a safe and clean environment where campers can make friends and experience camp life for a few hours.  

Camp programs are half day mornings or afternoons or full day from 9:30-2:30pm.

18 months to 11 years of age.

1:5 ratio

TCTLC: The Childrens Treatment and Learning Centre

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 YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka Day Camps – Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Collingwood, Innisfil, parry Sound – (705) 726-6421 ext. 252 –

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